Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Vocab #1 (n=25)

Well I plan on using this blog to facilitate my language study, so I should probably do that thing that I planned on doing.

I'm going to start a weekly vocab regimen.

I am going to enter them in to a Study Stack, which I will try to review daily over the course of the week. I'm going to start with 25 words, and adjust it upwards based on how well I do.

I will be doing Vietnamese words as well, of course, but I haven't quite figured out how to type in Vietnamese. It's surprisingly quite a pain in the ass.

Here are this weeks words!
ขยาย enlarge, magnify
ลงมือ start
ปกป้อง protect, keep safe
สมควร appropriate
ชัก to pull
ขุด to dig
ปลูก to plant
สดชื่น fresh/joyful
พิลึก strange
ซึม gloomy, unhappy
พันธ์ obligation
ล้าหลัง old fashioned
พวกพอ้ง friends
ครอง to rule
โหดร้าย heartless/ruthless
ดูดาย indifferent
ด่วน urgent, pressing
ร่าเริง happy, cheerfull
กลาย change/become
ตกใจ frightened
นำมือ skill
เกื้อกูล help, assist
ทึกทัก presume, assume
พรวดพราด quickly, abruptly
ลำบาก difficult, tough

Study Stack for Week 1

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