Friday, October 17, 2008

ลึลๆ ในใจ

This is the first Thai song to get stuck in my head. I found it on eThaiMusic and on first 23 listens I didn't understand anything but the chorus. But yesterday I combed through the lyrics and realized there was only a handful of words I didn't know. Otherwise, after one read-through, I could comprehend the lyrics completely. I think this has been very helpful in connecting the written word to the spoken.

As for the written word: I've gotten to the point where the Doraemon comic book is starting to actually seem like the children's comic book it is. Parts are still challenging, but I'm taking a break from it. I picked up Thai for Advanced Readers for the first time in a while and was surprised to find how much easier it is. I'm confident my reading is good enough to work through it until the end. (I'd made it about halfway before.)


  1. i read your article, it's very impressive indeed for Thai like me. You can get the right idea about those ending words which we normally don't aware of a real meaning but it is just the way we say. Very good work :-)

  2. Thank you :-)
    It's strange how we only subconsciously understand our primary language. I didn't understand how English worked at all until I learned how other languages worked.

    This is encouraging; I've kept this blog to myself because I'm paranoid that I'm getting everything completely wrong.

  3. Hi Abbie,
    Don't be paranoid and shy to be wrong. Everyone can make mistake & we learn from it. I thought, u should share this with all Farang(English speaker). It will help them to have better understanding of Thai. And I guess, people out there would would definitely appreciate your hard-working and sharing.