Monday, March 2, 2009


I was having trouble finding streaming Thai radio that worked well in Linux. (I use Ubuntu.)

Then I found the Nation Radio Network. Still can't get streaming to work, but it has a very handy archive of recent programs stacked on the lefthand side.

I should figure out what they are...

"Get your information from Nesoon"
"Pulse of the World"
"Money (you?) must know"
คู่หู คู่ข่าว
Hmm. Overly literally, it's "Pair of ears, pair of news" But คู่หู means "intimate" or "trusted", so it's probably some sort of pun. "Trusted Pair in News"?
ออโต้ เซอร์วิส
Since the first bit would mean "Throng of buffets", I bet this is someone's name.
คลีนิค คนรักบ้าน
"Home Lover's 'Clinic'"
"Progress in Technology" (not confident on this)
"Catch up with the situation" (that's overly literal)
"Smart Secrets in Business"
ฮอตไลน์ สายสีรุ้ง
"Rainbow 'Hotline'" (Sounds gay.)
SME Thailand
Inside Line
เวที วิถีไทย
I can't even hazard a guess on this one.
แนะแนว แนะน้อง
"Advice (from?) Nae Nong" Nong is a kin term.
สุขกาย สบายใจ
"Healthy and Happy"
"Deciphering Life"
Either "Historical Songs" or "A History of Songs".

The names of radio programs are bound to be riddled with slang, so I don't have a lot of confidence in most of these translations.

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